What is SCHOOL TV?

School tv program is a system which seeks unfolding capabilities of students and teachers; creates cooperation between the school and the parents Communication of system takes clear learning process to everyone.

The system can be introduced in upper classes of primary school and in high school.

What gives the SCHOOL TV PROGRAM?

Printed coursebooks are complemented with multimedia curriculums on the lesson

New form of communication guarantees cooperation between the school and parents

During the home study:

  • Teacher’s lecture can be recalled easily.
  • Homework is supplemented with an electronic workbook.
  • Student may ask help of teachers in virtual learning room.
  • Student can learn notions playfully by facilitating learning program.
  • Student can practice word’s pronunciation during language learning


  • Modern interactive learning system complete traditional one.
  • Used digital tools meet expectations of today’s generation.
  • Self-expression ability of teachers evolves during creative process of digitalizing curriculums.
  • Using of multimedia provides applicable found for teachers in present ages.
  • The school can be special on education market, due to revolutionary new system.
  • The establishment may put it on new foundations cooperation between school and parents.


    • They get modern methodological training.
    • They get helping and coordinating during digitalizing of personal curriculum.
    • They acquire digital competences, which establishes pedagogical career.
    • Routine tasks, word essays, exam preparation exercices with their correction can be given to special software due homework system’s electronic workbook. Realized time can be used for creative work or students.



    • They know what the child learns in the school.
    • They know what the child knows and don’t know from what he/she have learned.
    • Checking of homework can be realized by a click.
    • Students don’t need travel about getting help for home learning.
    • Information flow between the school and parents is effective and immediate.
    • Children likes to go school and to learn, because they like digital devices of learning.
    • School supports evolution of children and seeks development of creative skills.



    • They like the school on account of colour and interesting digital curriculums.
    • They like electronic workbook, because its tasks are interesting.
    • They like online Student room, because learning is comfortable from own home.
    • They enjoy some learning, because it became easier and faster.
    • They like creative tasks.


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